Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hello 2015! Lets catch up

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and I know it’s late but happy New Year! I have had major internet troubles since New Year’s Day, so I haven’t been able to get on line. But on the plus side it has meant I've had no distractions for the past few days and so I have been quite productive. Well productive for me that is.

So let’s catch up. Christmas was pretty good. I’m a bit of a last minute shopper but it all worked out in the end. I even manage to make a few gifts. I painted some pictures for my brothers children with their names and something they liked on. It was fun to paint them and good practice but it took daaaaays. I won’t be dong that again soon.

It might not be considered the most interesting of gifts but to my mum and my grandmas I gave them each a tea towel (among other things!). I did design the tea towel I might add and I sewed up the edges. Not necessarily well but I get points for effort right?

If you would like one of these 2015 calendar tea-towels they are available here:

For Christmas day I went over to my parents and had a huge Christmas dinner, with homemade Nutella cheesecake for afters. You can keep your Christmas pud, really not a fan. There were crackers pulled of course. Anybody else getting pretty disenchanted with crackers? I mean a shoehorn? Really?! So that’s why this time I put my own prizes in. Before Christmas I bought a few little toys, keying’s, little chocolates, things like that and by snipping the ribbon off one end of each cracker was able to slot them in. Far more fun than nail clippers and plastic paperclips that’s for sure. I’ve already got some make-your-own-cracker packs ready to use for next year.

Does anybody else get their cats presents for Christmas? Yeeeeah we do. I gave Tabby some catnip toys which he has been rubbing all over his face (Fell asleep still holding on to them so I’m told). I gave Elsa some toys. She loves these little hard foam balls. She chases them all over the living room almost like a little dog. And to Charlie I gave a box. What? He likes boxes ok; I even wrapped it in Christmas paper. He seems happy enough.

So it’s a new year and time to get cracking on some new designs. I’m starting off with some Valentine’s Day digis. So you’ll be seeing some tongue-in-cheek pin-up designs of the somewhat saucy nature. Its love hearts and garter belts until February 14th here! My fabulous design team have made these lovely projects already using ‘Lucy’. Thank you ladies!

Find ‘Lucy’ in my Etsy store:

However starting tomorrow (Mon 12th), for the next week at least, you’ll be seeing something a little different. Quite different really. I have thought about starting another digi stamp range. Something very different from my pin-up designs. I only have one design so far which I’m releasing today for a limited time (She is in my etsy shop for a very reasonable price). So . . . here she is!

Er, ta da? Shes just called 'Princess' since I’m not completely sure where I’m going with this style yet. I'm really looking forward to what my design team creates using her. Keep an eye out for that starting tomorrow!

It would mean a lot to me to have your input too. Let me know if you like it, if it’s too different, , anything really would really help me out. Thank you!

Till next time!

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