Thursday, 16 October 2014

Meet the Design Team

Hi everybody! Great news, I now have a design team of talented ladies who I’d like to introduce you to. So here they are!

“My name is Elina Pereira and I have been crafting off and on for a number of years. For the past year, I have been scrapbooking and card making for various design teams and I also have a blog where I showcase my projects. I recently have found a new passion for Mixed Media art and have been applying it to create canvases, tags, as well as, cards and layouts. I also love making Home Decor pieces and I love being able to think outside of the box, when it comes to my crafting.”

Projects by Elina

Elina’s blog:

“Hi! I'm Bev.

I'm a fifty-something retired Dental Nurse (I can hear the groans!) I have been married to Keith for 35 years - yikes! Where did all that time go??? We have one son, James 28, who is quite self-sufficient & runs his own Graphic Design business & lives with his lovely partner Charlotte. We are 'grandparents' to his dog Poppy! She appears on my blog sometimes if she's been ‘helping’.

I love crafting - trying to make cards, ATC's, jewellery, stamping, painting, mixed media - a bit of everything really. Just like to experiment & enjoy crafting my days away!
I love looking around peoples blogs and entering a few challenges here & there.
I am looking forward to being on the Jiggery Makery Design Team.

Projects by Bev

Bev’s blog:

“Hi everyone my name is Genny and I admit to being a total craftoholic. I enjoy most types of crafting, over the years I think I must have given most things a go but I love cardmaking, painting (with acrylic and watercolour) and mixed media artwork the most. I have been crafting for over 20 years but now am lucky enough to earn my living doing what I love. I hold my hands up to be a total glitter queen and to having a slightly wacky look on life. I am also lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere within the Snowdonia National Park and share my home with 10 cats and 1 dog. I took up crafting when I became disabled, but that just means I'm a mad crafter with wheels. It also means I'm a lot speedier round the craft shops lol. I love to share what I do and if you ever want to know anything about what I've created just ask.

Projects by Genny

Genny’s blog:

Make sure to check out their blogs as starting next week projects using my digi stamps will be uploaded! Exiting! Elina uploads Monday, Bev on a Wednesday and Genny on Fridays. First up its Halloween projects using my Tess the witch digi.

Thank you for coming and pop back soon.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Designing a Digital Stamp: Tess the witch

Hi everybody, are you all looking forward to Halloween? I’m looking forward to pumpkin soup myself. And pumpkin pie. Mmm pie . . . ahem, anyway today I thought I’d share with you some progress shots of how I design a digital stamp. Specifically Tess the witch, my latest and first Halloween design. I wanted to show you that the end product might be all clean lines and smiles but it doesn’t always start out that way.

To start, once I have an idea for what I want to draw I sketch out a rough skeleton (no pun intended) that looks pretty much like I stick man. This helps me work out the proportion and position of the limbs. As you can see I did not keep my first attempt, it just wasn’t working so I started over. That kind of thing happens. A lot. But you just have to keep trying.

So I drew out another ‘skeleton’. Changed some bits, like the position of the legs and her left arm. Once I’m satisfied that everything is where I want it I can start to flesh it out. Literally. I give her flesh. Curvy flesh usually.

Then after that I added in the details, such as her hair, clothes and in this case a witches hat. Shoes too, mustn't forget those. This is where the fun is, I get to design her outfit, her hair and her attitude really.

Then I added on the face . . . the first attempt doesn’t always work.

Yeeeeeeaaaah . . . Moving on!

Anyway I eventually got it and rubbed out and redrew certain lines until I was happy with the whole design. But it was far from over! Then I scanned her into the computer and I drew the clean crisp line work using Photoshop on top. It’s at this stage I can make any final changes. As you can see changes were made to the hat, some to her face and I decided not to give her stockings after all.

And after all that, voila! Here here she is.

Well I hoped you liked this little insight into how I create a digital stamp. I may show more of the ‘behind the scenes work’ in the future as this was pretty fun.

Oh whilst I’m here, tomorrow is the last day to apply for the design team and on Facebook I am taking suggestions for my next pin up design to raise money for children in need. So please comment there with your wonderful ideas!

Thank you and please come back soon.