Wednesday, 23 April 2014

An introduction

Hello there, this is my first blog post so I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet so please bare with me. I suppose its best to start with an introduction, so my name is Adele and I like to design things. At the moment I'm working on a range of digital stamps inspired by Pin Up girls, but I also have a keen interest in surface pattern, particularly when it comes to fabric. I have a degree in interior design and graduated last year (and I'm still not ready for the 'real world'). I just want to draw and can easily spend 12 hours a day using photoshop.

I hope to share some of my designs and design process through this blog and what i get up to designwise. On that note, below is the first three digital stamps I created based on a nautical theme. Thats 'Paula' on the left, 'Josie' in the centre and 'Helen' on the right. I ended up giving them names firstly because the names just came to me as i was drawing them and secondly that it seemed the best way to identify between them. Nautical girl 1, 2, and 3 isn't very catchy. Besides I'd like to think my girls have a little personality.

So thats me and what I do in a nutshell and I hope I will have something a little more interesting to talk about next time. I hope you have enjoyed this brief post and thank you for reading.